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Welcome, come on in and grab your cup of tea/coffee while I take a few moments to tell you about this space!!

I created this blog as a way to connect with you. I will post regularly on topics related to body, mind and spirit. Some topics that  I love writing about are self- compassion, resilencey, emotional ntelligence, minfulness and mental health.

I want this to be a space for heartfelt conversation. What are heartfelt conversations you may wonder? Heartfelt conversations are defined as being genuine in feeling, sincere, honest and warm. I created this space so we can begin to honor ourselves by taking a moment and allowing for reflection on life, relationships ,wellbeing  and personal and spiritual growth.

When I think about life today I know that many of us experience feeling busy and overwhelmed in everyday life. This feeling of “business” often leads to not feeling present in our daily activities and our our work and not connected in our relationships. Sometimes when we feel this way it is hard to know where to even start in terms of creating space for heartfelt conversations. So I am sharing with you today how we can begin to do this in just 30 seconds…yes that is right just 30 seconds 🙂

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GRATITUDE: Today as I go about my last minute Christmas preparations I know that there will be moments when I feel sad for traditions that I no longer have, loss for those who may no longer be with me, worries about did I do enough, buy enough, was that the right gift...

Red Cardinals

RED CARDINALS: Do you ever feel our loved one who have passed send us signs? A few years ago a lady that I met at a class I was taking told me that whenever I see a RED CARDINAL that this is a sign from my Mom who had passed away from Cancer in 1987. I've always...


Can you believe Christmas is just a few days away! I was doing a bit of last minute shopping yesterday (:)) and noticed some frantic looks as shoppers were searching for that perfect gift. Than I saw this post on and wanted to share as a reminder of how we can choose...

How is your Spirit?

I spent the Remembrance Day Weekend in Boston attending a Speak, Write, Promote Conference with Hay House. For those of you not familiar with Hay House it is a Self Help and New Thought Publishing Company. Yesterday while waiting for the Express Bus to take me to the...

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