Online Therapy

Who is Online Therapy ideal for? 

  • Busy Professionals 
  • Busy Parents including new mom’s and Dad’s and Expecting Mom’s 
  • Caregivers 
  • Clients with limited mobility
  • Clients with chronic pain and illness 
  • Clients in rural communities with limited access to mental health services 
  • Clients wanting to avoid traffic delays, parking and gas expenses 
  • Clients with anxiety and social anxiety and/or phobias 
  • Clients without transportation 
  • Frequent travelers

How does Online Therapy work?

Online Therapy allows you – the client – flexibility to choose where you have your therapy session! You can have your therapy session in the comfort of your own home or even in your own office!

Online Therapy uses a secure and encrypted video technology that meets privacy regulations for healthcare in Canada but works similar to Skype or FaceTime.  All you need is a smartphone, laptop or computer with a webcam, a strong internet connection and a quiet place where you feel you will have complete privacy and you are all set!

Online Therapy

How does Online Therapy work?

Online Sessions are similar to Skype of Facetime except that the video system we use, OnCall Health, is a secure and encrypted video technology platform that meets privacy regulations for Health Care in Canada. Lighthouse Online Therapy takes privacy serious. We use a secure fully encrypted telehealth platform that requires minimal personal information and is hosted on Canadian servers. This system complies with The Personal Health Information Act (PHIPA) and PIPEDA the Personal information protection electronic documents Act.

Clients just need to have access to a smartphone, laptop, computer with a webcam, a reliable internet connection and a comfortable and safe place for you to be sitting for your session so that you feel you have complete privacy


Please note that we do not offer text and/or email counselling at this time

  • At lighthouse Online Therapy we understand that reaching out for therapy can be difficult; If you are not sure if Online is for you please still schedule a free consultation and we can determine, together,  if this type of counselling may meet your needs


  • Clients presenting with serious psychiatric illness or suicide thoughts or experiencing active thoughts of harm to self or others. In these situations please seek immediate assistance by going to your nearest hospital or by calling 911
  • Online Therapy cannot offer crisis services or respond to crisis situations
  • Online Therapy is not available for clients actively dependent on substances
  • Online Therapy is not available for clients requiring regular therapeutic attention outside scheduled session times



Price: $160 – 180/session

How do I pay for Online Therapy?

Therapy Sessions are covered by most benefit/insurance providers. Contact your insurance provider and inquire if services provided by a Registered Social Worker (MSW, RSW) and/or a Licensed Psychologist are covered under your plan. Alternatively, if you have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) contact your representative to see if this service is covered.

At Heidi Sturgeon & Associates we are approved Medavie Blue Cross Providers including for Veterans and Canadian Armed Forces. Direct Billing is available for Medavie Blue Cross if your plan permits such.

Payment is due at the time of your therapy appointment

About Heidi Sturgeon & Associates

Heidi is a Clinical Social Worker who had been working for various Government Departments including Health, Education and Community Services. Heidi also has offered private practice individual therapy to clients since for numerous years. In 2016 Heidi launched an Online private practice in Nova Scotia, providing individual therapy to clients who found it more convenient to access therapy from a location of their choice. Continuing to see a need to expanded access to mental health and wellness services and witnessing the benefit to Online Therapy Heidi created and launched Lighthouse Online Therapy in Summer 2019.

Heidi Sturgeon & Associates offers expanded services to the remainder of Atlantic Canada, including the additional services of Paula Foley (Social Worker and Psychotherapist) and Krista Martin (Psychologist).  The combined years of services with these 3 Healthcare providers totals 79 years of experience working with individuals, families, communities and organizations. Heidi Sturgeo & Associa vateslues evidenced based therapy provided from a trauma informed care perspective.


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