“Your illness does not define you, Your strength and courage do.”
– Unknown

Help for Terminal Illness & End Stage of Life

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a terminal illness? Terminal illness being a disease that cannot be cured or treated and that is likely to cause death within no more than a few years. It can be difficult for you and/or your loved one’s to know how to react and/or  how to express emotions following a diagnoses. Often loved one’s are unsure how to offer support to a loved one at this time. Making decisions about steps forward and end of life plans can at times mean having difficult conversations. This can also feel very overwhelming. 

Therapy for Terminal Illness can assist by:

  • Exploring emotions of anticipatory grief
  • Assisting you in redefining life as it currently is
  • Encouraging, supporting and assisting in facilitating communication around distressing emotions and or difficult conversations
  • Explore and encourage an individuals search for meaning 
  • Assist in exploring individual goals moving forward that allow a client with terminal illness to live their life day by day focusing on quality  of life
  • Allow for dignity and psychological comfort at the end of life
  • Assist in facilitating open communication with your family and loved one’s
  • Provide support for you during this stressful time


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