Recovery from trauma is possible

PTSD Treatment & Trauma Counselling

Have you experienced trauma as a child that was physical, sexual and/or emotional?

Have you experienced abuse within a relationship?

Have you experienced trauma from a one-time event such as a car accident, an assault, a natural disaster?

Have you experienced trauma from being exposed to ongoing situations of violence, war, military experiences?

Recovering from trauma takes time, and everyone heals at their own pace. But if months have passed and your symptoms are not improving than you may need professional help from a trauma expert. 

Seek help for trauma if you’re:

  • Having trouble functioning at home or work
  • Suffering from severe fear, anxiety, or depression
  • Unable to form close, satisfying relationships
  • Experiencing terrifying memories, nightmares, or flashbacks
  • Avoiding more and more anything that reminds you of the trauma
  • Emotionally numb and disconnected from others
  • Using alcohol or drugs to feel better

Therapy can help by:

  • Improving psychological, emotional and physical symptoms 
  • Reducing the powerful hold the memory has on your life.
  • Processing your thoughts, feelings and sensations surrounding the trauma
  • Providing education and information on the neurobiology of how trauma affects our brain
  • Offering strategies to help with intrusive memories
  • Assist you in developing strategies to address the problems trauma may have caused in your life and in your relationships.



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