Heidi Sturgeon MSW, RSW

About Heidi

Lover of life, connecting with people, being close to the water (lake, river, ocean, stream… I love them all).

Boating, coffee and chocolate (and yes together… Yum), travel, books and long conversations sharing stories about life. I am a true believer that it is through sharing our stories and connecting with one another that true healing and transformation occurs.

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Sharing stories, insights and teachings on topics which promote and inspire well being with our body, mind and spirit.

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Work with me

I offer online  counseling which focuses on facilitating self discovery and self awareness. Working from a perspective that our symptoms (anxiety, stress, overwhelm)  and our feelings are like guideposts inviting us to inquire deeper.

I want to help you discover and remember your true self, your potential and reconnect to what matters to you in living your purposeful, life.

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