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Heidi Sturgeon & Associates is dedicated to providing therapy and counselling in Halifax and throughout Atlantic Canada to help relieve the suffering of others because we care deeply about people. Our therapists and counsellors are experienced and credentialed professionals with a range of skills and practices that are evidence-based.

In 2016, Heidi Sturgeon launched an online therapy private practice in Halifax, Nova Scotia, providing individual therapy to clients who found it more convenient to access therapy from a location of their choice. Continuing to see a need for expanded access to mental health and wellness services, and witnessing the benefit of online therapy, Heidi created and launched Heidi Sturgeon & Associates.

With the addition of Paula Foley (Social Worker and Psychotherapist) and Krista Martin (Psychologist), we provide more than 80 years of combined healthcare experience working with individuals, families, communities and organizations.

Heidi Sturgeon & Associates values evidenced-based therapy, from a trauma-informed care perspective and is committed to providing professional and compassionate care.



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