GRATITUDE: Today as I go about my last minute Christmas preparations I know that there will be moments when I feel sad for traditions that I no longer have, loss for those who may no longer be with me, worries about did I do enough, buy enough, was that the right gift...

Red Cardinals

RED CARDINALS: Do you ever feel our loved one who have passed send us signs? A few years ago a lady that I met at a class I was taking told me that whenever I see a RED CARDINAL that this is a sign from my Mom who had passed away from Cancer in 1987. I've always...


Can you believe Christmas is just a few days away! I was doing a bit of last minute shopping yesterday (:)) and noticed some frantic looks as shoppers were searching for that perfect gift. Than I saw this post on and wanted to share as a reminder of how we can choose...

How is your Spirit?

I spent the Remembrance Day Weekend in Boston attending a Speak, Write, Promote Conference with Hay House. For those of you not familiar with Hay House it is a Self Help and New Thought Publishing Company. Yesterday while waiting for the Express Bus to take me to the...


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