I woke this morning still smiling as I thought about how much fun I had on Easter weekend as I spent so much time with children who I adore and who I have been missing. Living 4 hours away from home, although not far, has proved challenging at times to stay connected to family and friends. I am sure it is not only the distance but also that I have spent so much time focusing on starting my private practice.

A few weeks ago I decided, or perhaps recognized, that time is passing by and I was really missing seeing children, taking time to play and connect with them. I decided that rather than just feeling this I could easily do something about it. So I reached out to family and friends and “invited” myself for overnight visit’s for Easter weekend 🙂

This past weekend I had so much fun connecting with a dear friend and her 2 children and than visiting neices and nephews and spending lots of time with the children. This time to CONNECT with friends & family, time to LOVE, PLAY and CONNECT with children was so good for my soul and my own mental and emotional health and wellbeing. With Spring having arrived I want to think of this time as planting seeds of connection, love and play that will continue to grow 🙂

Connecting with others, sharing laughter and taking time to play are all essential aspects of caring for our own #mental health and #emotional health.

I’d love to hear from you and how you bring connection, love and play into your life!

Much love & gratitude,