GRATITUDE: Every year in March we celebrate Social Work Month. This year’s theme is, “The Power To Empower”.
I knew I wanted to be a Social Worker since I was in high school. I even wrote it in my year book with my probable fate being “Anne Landers” to my friends 🙂
It’s hard to recall a time when I did not know that this was what I wanted to do. I am so often amazed at how this profession, of Social Work, has allowed me to work in so many roles & with such diverse individuals, groups & systems.
As a Social Worker:
I have laughed and I have smiled;
I have cried and I have had sleepless nights;
I have felt angry at injustice & inequality;
I have felt frustration @ complexities in accessing and navigating services;
I have felt honored & privileged to witness profound moments in others lives;
I have felt proud of the resilience of others;
I have been blessed with meeting and working with amazing social work colleagues all along this journey;
A journey it truly has been and today I continue to feel GRATITUDE for this profession and the experiences it has brought me and continues to bring me.
Wishing my Social Work friends a Happy Social Work Month.
In Love and Gratitude,