I spent the Remembrance Day Weekend in Boston attending a Speak, Write, Promote Conference with Hay House. For those of you not familiar with Hay House it is a Self Help and New Thought Publishing Company. Yesterday while waiting for the Express Bus to take me to the Boston Airport I sat on a park bench in front of the Boston Public Library with the beautiful Trinity Church behind me. It was a gorgeous fall day and I was fully enjoying my surroundings and enjoying feeling the warm sun on my face.

Suddenly, a lady approached the bench beside me on my right and took a seat. She sat cross ways so she was looking directly at me. I looked at her and smiled and we exchanged hello’s and commented on the beautiful day and how wonderful the warm sun felt.

This lady than paused, but I could sense that she wanted to say something else or that something was on her mind. She than looked at me again and with her beautiful eyes looked directly into mine and asked me, “How is your Spirit? “Really, How is your Spirit doing?

I must admit I was a bit taken aback at first as this is not something people usually ask however I was happy to answer her. So I smiled and looked at her and said, “actually my Spirit is feeling wonderful” “I have been visiting Boston to attend a 3 day conference with Hay House who publish inspirational and motivational books so I’ve just spent 3 days with the most uplifting, positive and loving people you could ever be in a room with”

Oh, she replied and than remained silent, so I asked her, ‘How is your Spirit” and with an apparent heaviness she replied, “not very good”. As I inquired a bit more she shared that she had just left a Church close by where she had organized and led a healing circle for all those feeling afraid, worried, anxious due to the recent Presidential Election in the US. She expressed that the LGBTQ and Immigrant communities have many fears about what the future may bring as well she expressed deep concern for those incarcerated. She shared that by bringing people together for healing circles she hopes that they can express their worries in a safe place and that healing can occur so people can move forward.
After listening to her share with such compassion and humility I shared with her a few stories of videos I had listened to that morning about the Election by Abraham Hicks and how they had been helpful. I shared that I believe the fear & uncertainty is bringing many together in love and unity such as she had just did with her healing circle. That the contrast of what they do not want is uniting them with others in sharing their desires of what they do want – love, peace, equality. The fear is bringing like minded people together to heal and learn how they will move forward together. She listened and stated that she thought this was an interesting way to look at this and that she would be thinking about tit. At this time her bus arrived and we exchanged first name’s and hugged as I told her that I will keep her in my prayers and continue sending love and prayers to the US and to her healing circles.

As I sat there by myself still waiting for my bus I reflected on this brief exchange – What was different and why? Just so you know I chat with people I do not know quite regularly when I travel so this part was not unusual. But what was different was how she asked me directly and with such kindness in her eyes, “How is Your Spirit? and how I initially hesitated before answering. Yet by this one question I felt a deeper connection immediately and shared about exactly how I was feeling and why, as did she.

This left me pondering what would our relationships and connection with others be like if we all asked each other a bit more often, How is your Spirit?