SELF COMPASSION: What does self compassion mean to you? In technical terms SELF COMPASSION is defined as being comprised of three things: 1) Self Kindness, 2) Common Humanity and 3) Mindfulness.

I will be sharing lots more about SELF COMPASSION & the 3 components to it in the New Year. But for today I’d like to share a bit about Number 1: SELF KINDNESS

For me, I am beginning to understand the many benefits of allowing SELF COMPASSION to guide my actions through allowing all 3 parts of SELF COMPASSION to be a part of my life.

Yesterday I was feeling I had a zillion things I needed to do as I had just got back from 4 days in NB and I go back to work today. I had lots on my to do list such as put away Christmas decorations, house cleaning, grocery shopping, work on marketing and creating content for my website, work on a course I am taking etc etc..

YET a few local business women had invited me to meet up with them to discuss business plans for 2017 over coffee. I immediately began to reply with a “NO I can’t do that today as I have to do these other things. My inner critic was saying “you don’t have time” “you’ll never get this stuff done, you’re just wasting time”

BUT instead of listening to my inner critic and immediately hitting reply to say NO I Paused, took a breath, and mindfully thought what would feel most helpful and kind to me?

“YES! YES! I want to connect with other business women as this will be supportive and inspiring for me”! As I now work from home connecting with other like minded women to share our business/life visions for 2017 is truly being kind to me as I am someone who learns and grows from chatting with others.

So I chose to allow SELF KINDNESS for what was going to be most helpful for me yesterday & I took the time for this meet up.

After an hour and a half with these 3 amazing ladies & a yummy peppermint tea I left feeling inspired, focused & with increased clarity, as opposed to staying home feeling I have so much to do and being less productive because of these thoughts.

How can you allow SELF KINDNESS/SELF COMPASSION in your life today?

For many thinking about SELF COMPASSION feels foreign but yet research is showing us that there are many benefits for our overall psychological health and emotional well being when we develop SELF COMPASSION. If this area interests you than please sign up for updates on services by clicking the SIGN UP button on the right hand side of this page as new programs and services will be launched in 2017!!!

Have you already decided that 2017 will be your year to explore and develop greater COMPASSION towards yourself? Are you ready to work through feelings of shame, self criticism and low self worth while learning to improve your emotion regulation?

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Wishing each of you a day filled with loving kindness for amazing you 🙂

Much Love,