GRATITUDE: Today as I go about my last minute Christmas preparations I know that there will be moments when I feel sad for traditions that I no longer have, loss for those who may no longer be with me, worries about did I do enough, buy enough, was that the right gift etc..and I’m sure some frustration at traffic and line ups BUT I also know, and have learned from experience, that if I allow myself to move my thoughts in a direction of GRATITUDE that I can begin to see all that I have to be GRATEFUL for.

I can go on a rampage of GRATITUDE & appreciation by:
1) taking a pause/a moment to write a list/think about a list of who/what I am GRATEFUL for
2) looking outside & appreciating the beauty of my surroundings
3) telling someone I care about how much I appreciate them and why I am GRATEFUL for their presence in my life

When we are in a state of GRATITUDE we are not feeling/focusing on our stress. How we think & behave strongly determines how we feel & research has shown the relationship between GRATITUDE and our overall well being & mental health.

So today I am choosing to focus on my GRATITUDE for all of you who are in my life, new friends, old friends, facebook acquaintances 🙂

I am wishing each of you a day filled with GRATITUDE & LOVE

Much LOVE,