RED CARDINALS: Do you ever feel our loved one who have passed send us signs? A few years ago a lady that I met at a class I was taking told me that whenever I see a RED CARDINAL that this is a sign from my Mom who had passed away from Cancer in 1987. I’ve always thought that RED CARDINALS are beautiful and my Mom loved the color Red and other than that I did not think often of what this individual had told me.

So last night 2 relatives stopped by to visit and each gave me a Christmas Card, (shown below) & as I opened each of them It was interesting to see they both had chosen to give me cards with RED CARDINALS (one card is even hand painted and isn’t it beautiful!!) and than around 6:30 this morning in my half asleep state I opened my cupboard to get a plate for my toast and for some reason reached around and moved some dishes and took this one out (these are dishes I never use lol) and as I placed my toast on the plate I suddenly realized that there was another gorgeous RED CARDINAL looking at me 🙂

Although its been 20 years since I’ve celebrated a holiday with a parent I still miss them both and today am thankful for these Gorgeous RED CARDINALS and their holiday message 🙂

Wishing each of you a peaceful day 🙂
Much Love,