Tuesday started off as any other day. I saw my online clients and then prepared for a meeting that afternoon which was downtown Halifax. Of course with the recent snowfall I was thinking about where I would find a place to park on Barrington St. As I drove through the city streets searching for a place close to my meeting location I was super excited when I found a spot in front of the building I was going to!! YEAH!!

Next was my search for change for the parking meter and hoping I had enough! I then climbed over a snow bank (yes in my dress and heels and no I did not look graceful lol) and happily discovered the parking meter already had money in it for 44 minutes!! YEAH!!

So feeling GRATEFUL for an amazing parking spot, money in the parking meter and the sunshine I happily walked to my meeting across the street 🙂 .

I arrived early at the office for this meeting only to discover I HAD THE WRONG DAY!!! The meeting was tomorrow!!! HOW DID I DO THIS!!!!!

So I walked out of the office very upset with myself, feeling that I had wasted time when I had things to do, hearing my “inner critic” immediately say “how did you get this wrong” “How could you have screwed this up” “What is going on with you?”

My thoughts quickly took me to a place of self-judgment and anger at myself for making this mistake and for wasting time. Only moments before I had been feeling so much GRATITUDE yet this feeling was gone and replaced with complete annoyance at myself

I walked out of the building and started to head back to my car so I could get home and back to work. As I was waiting at the crosswalk I took a moment to notice my surroundings, to see and feel the sun that was shining, to notice the people around me. As I began to be AWARE and PRESENT I brought this “AWARENESS” to my thoughts and in that moment remembered that I can have “LOVING KINDNESS” for me and I can “have NON-JUDGEMENT” for me. LOVING KINDNESS & NON-JUDGEMENT do not only have to be for others 🙂 In that moment of AWARENESS I remembered to be as KIND to me as I would be to a friend who made a mistake.

So I took several breaths and checked in with myself asking, “what would I like to do now that I have this extra hour?”

My body turned in the direction of a cafe that I had driven by earlier and always wanted to check out..I started walking in that direction. My inner critic was tamed for now as my thoughts turned again to the beautiful day and to my surroundings.

Soon I was sitting enjoying this beautiful Americano Coffee at The Old Apothecary with this gorgeous heart looking up at me. I had been reminded that I can “unhook” from negative thoughts and choose thoughts that move me towards how I want to be living.


Sending love and gratitude to each of you and encouraging each of you to allow your “inner critic” to be tamed in moments of self judgement xoxo