Thank you David R Hamilton PhD for sharing that today is International Day of Happiness. I think Celebrating Happiness is a great idea!!!
My own meaning and perspective on happiness has changed with age, experience & life & I know from conversations with some of you that you have also experienced this.
There was a time when I thought of happiness as a goal…something that I would be when I went on vacation, or when I had a certain job or perhaps if I won the loto or retired 🙂
Now I have learned that for me happiness is not an end goal but rather a daily feeling to create space for.
Three ways that I celebrate happiness in my life by allow space for happiness so that I can improve my emotional wellbeing and resilence are:
1. Learning to live more #mindful, with more #awareness so that I am living more in the present than the past;
2. Learning to have more #kindness towards others as well as #kindness towards myself,
3. Learning to make time to connect with others and to make time to be with the people who matter…and YES that included celebrating St. Patricks Day on the weekend 🙂
If you would like to read more about Happiness and the State of Happiness in the world check out this link
How can you allow more happiness into your day today?
Sending much love and gratitude to each of you
Heidi xo